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Feel more confident in your job search with a resume that stands out.


That's how long the average employer looks at your resume before making a snap decision about whether or not your qualifications and background fit the job or organization. 10 seconds!

Resumes must be concise and relevant. It can be hard to cut back your experience and decide exactly what should and should not be included on your resume. That's where we come in. Your hard work, experience, and unique qualifications should be recognized and highlighted. We can transform your resume from a busy sea of black and white text into a clean, simplified visual representation of your qualifications that highlights ONLY the most crucial information — to ensure employers take notice.

Our extensive experience in recruitment and CV writing enables us to know exactly what employers look-out for when they peruse your CV. We can make your CV standout! The CVs we write are of international standards and are optimized to beat even the most sophisticated Applicants Tracking Systems (ATS). 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

24 Hours Turnaround Time – We will deliver your CV in 24 hours or less.

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Linkedin Profile Optimization = ₦3,000

Bronze Package (0 – 5 years experience): CV = ₦4,000; Cover Letter = ₦1,500

Silver Package (6 – 10 years experience): CV = ₦5,000; Cover Letter = ₦2,500

Gold Package (11+ years experience): CV = ₦7,500; Cover Letter = ₦3,000