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Best medical schools in Canada for international students in 2020

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Are you looking for the best medical school in Canada for international students? Or are you having a hard time making a choice from the numerous outstanding medical schools in Canada?

Search no more, because we have compiled a list of medical schools in Canada, that is not just among the best nationally but have their places among the best in the world.

The purpose of this article, is to give you an insight about the best medical schools you can apply to in Canada(whether you are an international student or citizen). We have not only highlighted the cost of attending each medical school, we have also put together few details to help you know which school you are qualified for as well as make the best of your options.

University of Toronto – Faculty of medicine

Tuition: CAD$ 25,061.40 application deadline: Oct 1. Minimum CGPA: 3.8

The faculty of medicine of the university of Toronto was founded in the year 1843. The faculty is perhaps one of Canada’s oldest school of medical studies, ranked 4th in the world of clinical medicine,oncology and surgery and is notably known for the discovery of stem cells and insuline.

With current tuition and fees in excess of CAD$ 25,000 annually, some might find it expensive but it is definitely worth it.

Mc gill university – school of medicine

Tuition: CAD$ 29,200. application deadline: Nov 2. Minimum CGPA: 3.8

Founded in the year 1829, mcgill university school of medicine was perhaps the very first medical institution in Canada to award a medical degree.

Ranked as the number 1 medical school in Canada, McGill university school of medicine has always had a place among the top 20 medical schools in the world. They offer educational as well as research opportunities.

Mc master University Medical School – Best medical school in Canada for international students

Tuition: CAD$27,000. Application deadline: Oct 1. Minimum CGPA: 3

Also known as the Michael G. Degroote school of medicine, is one of two schools that offer a 3year medical program instead of the traditional 4 years program.

Since the year 2012, Michael G. Degroote school of medicine has always had a spot among the best three universities in Canada and in the year 2018, they were ranked 23rd in the world. They are known to have pioneered the three years MD program as well as evidence – based medicine for solving medical problems, a method that is now being adopted by many other medical institutions.

University of British Columbia – Faculty of Medicine

Tuition: CAD$ 15,000 Application Deadline : Oct 1. Minimum CGPA : 3.2

Established in the year 1950, the University of British Columbia boasts of running the second-largest undergraduate medical education program in Canada and the fifth-largest in the whole of Canada and the united states of America. With six institutions and fifteen research centers affiliated to UBC, Cutting edge research has not only been made accessible by a lot of people but also has given enough room to accommodate many more students than many other universities.

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University of Alberta – faculty of medicine & dentistry

Tuition: CAD$ 12,000.

Established in the year 1913 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada . University of Alberta is perhaps one of the oldest schools in western Canada. Driven by their goal to train researchers, physicians in the basic and clinical sciences, dentists, dental hygienists and medical laboratory scientists.

Northern Ontario School of medicine – Best medical school in Canada for international students

Tuition : CAD$ 22,317 Application deadline: Oct 1. Minimum CGPA: 3.83

This school was established in the year 2005 and was creates through a partnership between Laurentian university in Sudbury and lakehead university in thunder bay. Known for its distribution model of education, northern Ontario school of medicine has grown very fast to gain a spot among the best medical schools in Canada.

Otawwa university – best medical school in Canada for international students

Tuition: CAD $24,452. Application deadline: Sept 15. Minimum CGPA : 3.5

The faculty of medicine at the otawwa university is the largest and one of a few bilingual (English – french) medical schools in the world, driven by the aim to produce world leaders in the medical practice .

This school is your best choice if you are a French speaking student seeking admission in Canada .

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